About Us

CDM is a professional manufacturer and distributor of titanium and titanium alloy products.

CDM also distribute titanium materials of well-known brands in the US and Europe. Our factories are the professional manufactories for titanium materials.

CDM has following products: titanium seamless tube, welded tube, plate, sheet, coil, foil, billet, bar, rod, wire, casting, forging, stamping and fastener etc.

All raw materials from CDM are under our engineers' strict control and supervise from melting, forging, billets & slabs to rolling process which enable CDM materials have traceable.

CDM Products have been used in power generation, chemical processing, oil and gas exploration, marine, production and refining, aerospace as well as military, medical, automotive and sporting goods industry etc.

Our founder's family has started processing titanium from the middle of 20th century. So CDM has our own mature technical, production, sales team, and accumulated rich practical experience on melting, forging, rolling, machining, welding and stamping for CP titanium and titanium alloy.

In order to expand the international market and provide direct service to oversea clients, the international company CDM was built up in the year of 2005 in Shanghai.

CDM is our registered trademark, and is totally unified the export sales by SHANGHAI CDM INDUSTRY.

CDM is our registered trademark, and was totally unified the export sales by SHANGHAI CDM INDUSTRY.

We are committed to guarantee that CDM Titanium products possess top quality level, strict production process and accurate inspection all the way. CDM strictly perform the production standard as per ASTM, AMS, ISO, DIN etc.

At the same time, we have being cooperate with the titanium alloy researching institution and authoritative third party. This ensures that every production process was strictly controlled and each technical requirement from customers are met.

Our commitment is: we will always dedicate to supply you the first level quality products!