Titanium Tube for Exhaust Pipe & Muffler or Racing Bicycle

There is more titanium tubing that would beused for motorcycles. An example would be mufflers and exhaust pipes. BecauseCP titanium has special features: good corrosion resistance, light and goodelongation.

Our CP Titanium seamless tube / welded tubeof GR1, GR2 are used for exhaust pipes for racing cars and motorcycles etc. Webelieve it's a great choice of refitting the exhaust to use CP titanium tubing.

“Titanium is the most durable material for frames. With a fatiguelife greater than aluminum, carbon and even steel, titanium is able to handleyears of heavy usage that far exceed the limits of other materials. Titaniumwill never rust or corrode and is extremely hard, making titanium frames veryresistant to the scratches, dings and hard-knocks that come with daily wear andtear. Also, with ride quality and durability better than even steel, titanium’strump card is exceptionally low weight”