Titanium Consulting - From the consumer psychology to see the development of titanium civilian products

The application oftitanium materials in Aviation and Aerospace fields has maken people familiarwith the feature of “ Air Metal” and it is started in Maritime of our country.Mr. Zhou Lian “Academician of China Engineering Academy” and Mr. Ma Yunyi “TheShip Designer Mater” advocate that “Use the titanium in Ocean ” and “OceanMetal” will sail in the future. Titanium has a specific feature of “ BiophileMetal” which has been widely used in the field of medical devices.

However, titanium israrely used in civilian market. Most of pots, pans and other kitchenware arestill made of Aluminum, Iron and Stainless steel. The promotion and applicationof titanium in the market need a lot work to do. Its application prospect willopen and excellent performance will be publicized widely only when titaniumlike the Aluminum, Iron and Stainless steel walk into every house.


At the end of May,many enterprise displayed titanium civilian produces such as kitchen series,tea series, jewelry series, glasses series, etc in Titanium Show. The displayedproducts have attractive design and exquisite workmanship, but the market isnot so good. The reporter has been in touch with the consumer and relatedexpert, and then learn that the consumer hasn’t accepted the market yet.


People who knowtitanium usually know its excellent property. However, just a few of themaccept its expensive price, not to mention those who don’t know about titanium.As for titanium cups, titanium table lamps and titanium flashlights developedand titanium pots and pans manufactured by Yunnan Titanium Industry, a insiderdoing titanium sponge business left a comment in the reporter’s We-Chat,.“However CDM manufacture titanium cups, the cups won’t sell very well, thereason of which rests in that people do not know what CDM is. In this regard,how to make titanium products familiar with general public deserves our seriousconsideration.”


Most people in ourcountry pursue the high-end goods and the pursuit of famous-brand products isto satisfy the vanity. Now the vanity is growing every day. IPHONE and Samsungare sold well and they are taken to show off by People on any occasion.However, there are few occasions where titanium products like titanium pots orpans or titanium cups are taken to show off.


Apart frompracticability, face consciousness can not be neglected in cosumer psycology.